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Managing my brand…

So I am working on this blog as part of extension of my work life…I manage brands for a living, so wanted to experiment on myself…how would I manage my own “brand?” What should I share? What reflects me? Thanks for participating in my grand experiment!

Let's see if he finds his picture on my blog...

Ok…cupid…come and get me…

So far the online dating thing has been going well. There’s one guy (not sure if he’ll read this, but if he’s as clever as I think he is, I suspect he’ll find my blog). I call him Mr. F (Arrested Development joke). Mr. F…if you’re out there, do your worst. I’ll be interested to see where things go…he’s smart, funny and cute…just have to see how resourceful he is ; )

Party 1

Hello World!

I am finally starting my blog – YAY!  It’s been something I’ve been too self conscious to do, but I figure, why not??  I’m excited – don’t know who will read this or what will come of it, but here goes….

What I want for this year…to fall in love, to kill it at work, to spend time with people I love doing the things I care about.  Should be easy right?  I’ll keep you posted…at the urging of some friends I finally signed up for Ok Cupid.  What took me so long?  So far, it’s really been fun…and not nearly as creepy as I thought.

I’m going to start out slow…so that’s all for tonight…(am I supposed to write this like an on-line diary??).  I guess I can do what I like…right???


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